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Born Primitive Quiver Half Zip Hoodie

Born Primitive Quiver Half Zip Hoodie: Product Spotlight

Born Primitive Hoodie: $89

The Born Primitive Hoodie features innovative GridTek technologies and is designed for optimal moisture management and versatile wear.

It comprises 95% polyester and 5% nylon and integrates hydrophilic geometric construction, enhancing moisture wicking and airflow. This technology improves thermal comfort and reduces the hoodie’s weight by up to 20% compared to traditional fleece materials. Ideal for temperatures ranging from 60° to frigid conditions, it can be layered with a base or outer layer for added warmth.

The hoodie boasts functional design elements such as an elongated back hem, high-neck snorkel collar, and thumb holes, ensuring extended coverage and comfort. Its half-zip feature adds to its practicality, making it suitable for various outdoor activities.

Whether used alone or as part of a layered system, this hoodie stands out for its ability to keep customers dry and comfortable in cooler climates.

Half Zip Hoodie Features & Benefits

Design and StyleHalf-zip hoodie designStylish, easy to wear
Material and Comfort95% polyester, 5% nylon, GridTek fabricMoisture-wicking, enhances airflow, lightweight comfort
Fit and SizingLightweight at 14.7oz for size largeComfortable and easy to carry
Performance and DurabilityGridTek technologyKeeps dry and comfortable during intense activities
FunctionalityDraws moisture away from the bodyIdeal for maintaining comfort in active settings

Customer Reviews

Customers have expressed high satisfaction with the hoodie, appreciating its versatility, comfortable fit, and the quality of its construction.

It has been particularly noted for its effectiveness in outdoor settings, such as hiking and hunting, where its warmth and flexibility allow unrestricted movement. Customer feedback mentions the hoodie’s adaptability for casual wear and more active pursuits like bow hunting.

The move towards solid colors has also been praised for enhancing its versatility, allowing it to be worn with the Born Primitive Athleisure Joggers and other pieces.

Despite its outdoor-oriented design, many customers find the Born Primitive Hoodie suitable for everyday use, citing its comfort and the material’s feel as key factors.

Its seamless transition from work to leisure activities underscores the brand’s commitment to producing high-quality, adaptable clothing. Customers’ positive reception, who often plan to integrate the hoodie into their regular wear, confirms that Born Primitive is a brand that creates reliable, high-performing outdoor apparel.


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