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Bluffworks Ascender Chino

Bluffworks Ascender Chino: Product Spotlight

Ascender Chino: $125.00

The Ascender Chino is crafted with 100% polyester fabric that weighs 5.31 oz per yard. These chinos stand out for their moisture-wicking and water-repellent properties.

They are built to resist wrinkles and odors, making them ideal for everyday wear. The fabric’s lightweight and breathable nature ensures comfort without sacrificing durability.

One of the Ascender Chino’s key features is its matte finish, which enhances the color and maintains a soft and substantial feel. This is complemented by a hidden stretch waistband, seamlessly integrating comfort with the classic look of khaki chinos.

The chinos have ten pockets, including two designed specifically for phones and a unique EDC-friendly multi-tool utility pocket. This thoughtful design caters to the everyday carry community, offering versatile storage options without compromising style.

Thanks to its soft fabric and innovative waistband, the Ascender Chino provides comfort and ease of movement. The anti-odor fabric, which is machine washable and quick drying, further adds to its practicality.

Ascender Chino Features & Benefits

Design and StyleSophisticated aesthetic in 5 colorwaysMore stylish than casual jeans; Easily dressed up or down
Material and Comfort100% polyester – lightweight, breathable, stretchyAntimicrobial, water-resistant, wrinkle-resistant
Fit and SizingOffered in tailored and regular fits, multiple sizesAccommodates wide range of body types
Performance and DurabilityFeedback is mixed on durabilityShows resilience for some in everyday use/travel
Functionality10 pockets including zippered and hidden ones, reverse direction front zippersAmple organized & secure storage space for travel

Customer Reviews

Customers have found the Ascender Chinos a versatile and reliable option for professional and leisure activities. The combination of wrinkle-resistant fabric, lightweight design, and comfort has garnered positive feedback, especially from those who lead an active lifestyle or travel frequently.

The chinos’ ability to maintain their shape and appearance over time, even with heavy use, is particularly appreciated.

However, some customers have mentioned a learning curve with the zippered pockets, though the added security is a beneficial trade-off. The accurate sizing and the stretch fabric’s ability to contour without constricting have also been highlighted as positive aspects.

However, it’s recommended to consider sizing up for those planning to carry heavier items to preserve the chinos’ shape and comfort.

Bluffworks is known for its commitment to quality and practical design and continues to impress with the Ascender Chino. These chinos offer a stylish and comfortable option for various settings but embody the brand’s dedication to creating durable and functional apparel.


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