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Nomatic Outset Pants

Nomatic Outset Pants: Product Spotlight

Nomatic Outset Pants: $129.99

The Nomatic Outset Pants offer comfort, stretch, and functionality and are designed with a 4-way stretch and a warp-knitted polyester thread. They feature an eco-friendly coating to repel liquids and stains, ensuring durability and easy maintenance.

Product Features:

  • Stretch-Tech waistband
  • 4-way stretch
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • No-spill pocket
  • Water/stain-resistant
  • Hidden back zippered pocket


  • 100% Polyester Warp Knit Material (Coated with Eco-friendly DWR C-0)

The Nomatic Outset Pants are designed to stay wrinkle-free while traveling and provide a comfortable fit without needing a belt. The pants include a hidden back zippered pocket and a no-spill pocket for security and convenience.

Nomatic Outset Pants Features & Benefits

Customer Reviews

Customers praise the Nomatic Outset Pants for their comfort, fit, and functionality. Many reviewers appreciate the stretchy waistband and the fact that the pants do not require a belt. The overall quality, craftsmanship, and versatile design are frequently highlighted, with several customers noting that the pants can be dressed up or down.

Some customers mention the pants are their favorite everyday wear, citing the material’s comfort and stretch. However, there are mixed reviews about durability, with one customer noting issues with the pants not holding up as well as expected for the price.

Disclaimer: These reviews are carefully summarized from the company website, 3rd party product reviews, and online forums like Reddit.

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