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Tasc Performance Motion Pant

tasc Performance Motion Pant: Product Spotlight

tasc Performance Motion Pant: $118

The tasc Performance Motion Pant is crafted from a lightweight stretch woven blend, incorporating bamboo viscose, polyester, and elastane. This fabric combination ensures the pants are breathable and water-resistant and offer 2-way stretch for added flexibility.

Designed for sustainability, the bamboo viscose enhances the garment’s eco-friendly appeal. The pants feature a straight fit, slightly tapered legs for a modern look, and a 6-pocket design, including a hidden back zipper pocket for extra security. Additionally, they include a gusset feature for improved mobility and are machine washable, ensuring easy care.

The construction of the tasc Performance Motion Pant emphasizes both function and comfort. Bamboo viscose contributes to the garment’s sustainability, comfort, and durability. The pants’ water-resistant properties make them suitable for various weather conditions, while the breathable fabric ensures comfort during physical activities.

The straight fit paired with slightly tapered legs offers a contemporary aesthetic, and the comprehensive 6-pocket design, enhanced by a hidden zipper pocket, provides practicality and security for personal items. The inclusion of a gusset further aids in mobility, making these pants ideal for active lifestyles.

These pants adapt well to casual and active settings and benefit individuals seeking eco-conscious apparel without compromising style or functionality. Their comfort and practical features make them versatile for everyday wear or outdoor activities.

Motion Pant Features & Benefits

Design and StyleClassic navy colorSleek and sophisticated look
Material and ComfortLightweight stretch woven blend of bamboo viscose, polyester, and elastaneComfortable, breathable, accommodates movement
Fit and SizingTailored fit, tapered legModern and flattering design
Performance and DurabilityWater-resistant and quick-dryingPractical for active lifestyles
FunctionalitySix-pocket design, including a hidden back zipper pocketHigh functionality, secure storage

Customer Reviews

Customers love the Tasc Performance Motion Pant’s comfort, true-to-size fit, and high-quality material. Many pair the pants with the Carrollton Lightweight Quarter Zip. Many reviews also highlight the comfort provided by the fabric’s stretch and breathability.

The practicality of the 6-pocket design, including the unique hidden back zipper pocket, is another praised feature, indicating that these casualwear pants meet the needs of active and casual customers alike.

However, feedback suggests room for improvement in sizing and care instructions, with some customers noting changes in fit after washing and a desire for more precise information.

Despite these minor critiques, the overall customer sentiment is highly positive, underscoring the product’s comfort, functionality, and material quality appeal. A notable mention is the call for additional color options and slight design tweaks, such as extra zippers, indicating a demand for further customization and versatility.

tasc Performance’s commitment to sustainable and high-quality athletic wear is well-regarded, reflecting positively on the brand’s reputation and consumer trust.


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