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tasc Performance

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When Al and Todd Andrews couldn’t find athletic apparel that met their standards for performance and sustainability, these lifelong athletes decided to make their own. With decades of experience in apparel manufacturing, the father and son team embarked on a two-year quest to develop a moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, and environmentally friendly fabric.

After extensive research into natural fibers, they struck gold with an innovative blend of organic bamboo and merino wool from FSC-certified forests in China. Bamboo fibers are known for their softness and breathability, while merino wool excels at temperature regulation – together, they created the ultimate performance fabric. The Andrews dubbed it Bamboo Performance TechnologyTM.

The fabric they developed, trademarked MOSOtech, brought together the best of both worlds: bamboo’s moisture-wicking capabilities and Merino’s odor-blocking. It was also fully sustainable, biodegrading in soil rather than in landfills. The Andrews family has ensured their supply chain matches their eco-friendly ambitions by using a closed-loop manufacturing system that reuses 99% of the solutions from their US-based factories.

In 2009, Al and Todd founded Tasc Performance Apparel in their hometown of New Orleans, LA, to bring MOSOtech to market. More than just a clothing company, the task embodies Andrews’ passion for sports and the environment. Their stylish, sustainable products like golf shirts, hoodies, shorts, and joggers fill a gap for earth-conscious athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

With certifications from organizations like FSC, ECOCERT, and Oeko-Tex, alongside rapid growth, tasc appeals to consumers seeking high-tech, low-impact athletic apparel. The journey that began with two athletes dreaming of better activewear has resulted in an innovative company leading the way to a greener future in performance fashion.






Elmwood, LA, USA

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