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Tasc Performance Carrollton Lightweight Quarter Zip

tasc Performance Carrollton Lightweight Quarter Zip: Product Spotlight

Tasc Performance Carrollton Lightweight Quarter Zip: $78

This quarter zip pullover is constructed from MOSOtech fabric, a blend of 51% organic cotton, 41% bamboo viscose, and 8% elastane, weighing 220gsm. This composition ensures the garment is soft, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

The fabric is known for its moisture-wicking, anti-odor, and UPF 50+ sun protection properties, making the pullover suitable for various settings and activities.

Notable features include a lock-down zipper with a garage, contrast seaming for a subtle style touch, sleeve cuffs for a snug fit, and the absence of a top shoulder seam for enhanced comfort. These elements contribute to a garment that combines functionality with a casual yet polished look.

One of the main benefits of this quarter zip is its adaptability. Whether engaging in outdoor activities, enjoying a casual day out, or looking for a light layer for cooler evenings, this pullover meets the needs without compromising comfort or style.

Carrollton Lightweight Quarter Zip Features & Benefits

Design and StyleCarrollton Lightweight Quarter Zip designVersatile and stylish appearance
Material and ComfortMade of bamboo viscose, organic cotton, and elastaneComfortable and soft texture
Fit and SizingSuitable for various body typesDesigned for comfort and versatility
Performance and DurabilityUPF 50+ sun protectionProtects from harmful UV rays
FunctionalitySports, outdoor adventuresIdeal for a range of activities, including golf

Customer Reviews

Customers are overwhelmingly positive about the Carrollton Lightweight Quarter Zip, particularly praising its true-to-size fit, material quality, and adaptability to various activities. The consistency in fit reduces the guesswork in online shopping, providing a dependable choice for those seeking comfort and reliability.

The softness and comfort of the fabric are frequently mentioned, highlighting the pullover’s suitability for everything from golf and exercise to casual wear, making it an excellent choice for versatile, lightweight attire.

While the pullover garners praise for its functionality and style, it’s also recognized as an attractive gift option, with many customers making repeat purchases for personal use and as presents. This indicates strong customer satisfaction and loyalty towards the brand.

Although overwhelmingly positive, the reviews consistently underscore the product’s quality, fit, and the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

tasc Performance’s focus on sustainable practices and quality materials resonates well with customers, enhancing brand loyalty and distinguishing it as a reputable choice for eco-conscious apparel.


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