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Swiss Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Swiss-based On Running was founded in 2010 by passionate runners seeking to transform athletic shoes. Through unique cushioning technology and a focus on sustainability, the company aims to “ignite the human spirit through movement” – aligning with values of empowerment and accountability.

In just over a decade, On Running has expanded swiftly into 55 countries, fueled by double-digit sales growth annually. By 2020, it had reached over 6,000 retailers globally, including an expanding U.S. presence. Domestically, its market share has grown to 40% in Switzerland and 10% in Germany.

Key to On’s product design is their commitment to pushing conventions guided by consumer input through innovations like the CloudTec® sole. They are rethinking industry norms around sustainability and performance to help athletes excel. Across clothing and footwear categories, the team obsesses over details and comfort.

Rather than solely prioritizing profits, On Running balances business with caring for people and environmental welfare. Initiatives like CyclonTM and Right to Run further ecological values and access goals tied to the brand’s origins. Fundamental to their operations is a belief in collective wisdom and inclusive communities by promoting diversity and team development rooted in unique perspectives. They foster holistic personal growth and enriching collaboration.

As the running shoe industry often sticks to status quo designs, On Running continues gaining traction through convention-defying products that blend innovation with social responsibility – ethics working in service of performance. Though rooted in enabling movement, the future remains focused on pushing boundaries.






Zurich, Switzerland

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