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On Roger Centre Court Sneakers

On Roger Centre Court Sneakers: Product Spotlight

ROGER Centre Court Sneakers: $189.00

The On Running Roger Centre Court Sneakers are made with about 5% recycled content, including approximately 25% recycled polyester.

These sneakers feature a synthetic leather upper and are assembled in Zucca, Vietnam. They weigh 282g and incorporate vegan leather for comfort, a Speedboard™ for agile movement, and CloudTec® for cushioning. 

Details include:

  • The Roger heel feature.
  • Stitching for a timeless look.
  • Swiss precision engineering for durability and style.

The design of these sneakers combines modern technology with classic aesthetics. The vegan leather upper, alongside the Speedboard™ and CloudTec® technologies, provides both comfort and support for agile movements.

Incorporating recycled materials aligns with sustainability initiatives, offering an environmentally conscious option. The detailed stitching and THE ROGER heel feature add a distinctive look, while the overall construction aims to deliver a stylish and functional sneaker for various settings.

These sneakers offer a blend of style, comfort, and environmental considerations. Using recycled materials and vegan leather supports sustainability efforts, while technological features like Speedboard™ and CloudTec® enhance movement and comfort. This combination makes them suitable for sports and casual wear, embodying a modern approach to classic sneakers.

Roger Centre Court Sneakers Features & Benefits

Recycled MaterialsSupports sustainability efforts
Vegan Leather UpperProvides all-day comfort
Speedboard™Enhances agility
CloudTec® CushioningOffers superior comfort with every step
Swiss EngineeringEnsures quality and durability

Customer Reviews

Customers appreciate the comfort and style of the Roger Centre Court Sneakers, noting their compatibility with various outfits. Some describe the fit as perfect, emphasizing the comfort and high-end feel. However, there are critiques regarding the size, with some finding the sneakers broader and longer than expected.

Despite mixed opinions on aesthetics, the consensus is on their comfort and support features, making them a notable choice for those who value style and functionality.

While the sneakers are praised for their comfort and stylish design, some criticisms focus on the upper materials and construction. The vegan leather upper is seen as thin and not as durable as expected, with concerns about long-term wearability. However, the innovative cushioning and support technologies are highlighted as key strengths, offering a unique blend of comfort and performance.


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