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Warby Parker Alderman Glasses

Warby Parker Alderman Glasses: Product Spotlight

Warby Parker Alderman Glasses: Starting at $95 with prescription lenses

The Warby Parker Alderman glasses are designed gently, featuring softly square lenses complemented by a sloping browline without harsh angles. These frames are constructed from hand-polished cellulose acetate, ensuring a smooth finish and a comfortable fit.

Customers can opt for readers or non-prescription lenses that accommodate single-vision prescriptions according to their needs.

In terms of lens quality, the Alderman glasses boast polycarbonate lenses, recognized for their outstanding impact resistance, making them a durable choice for everyday wear. Furthermore, these lenses have anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings, enhancing visual clarity and longevity.

An added benefit is the 100% UV ray protection the lenses provide, safeguarding the eyes against harmful solar radiation. Warby Parker prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering free shipping on all orders and complimentary returns or exchanges within 30 days of purchase.

Additionally, a free scratched lens replacement service is available, and each pair of glasses comes with a frame case and lens cloth, ensuring your glasses remain protected and clean.

The Alderman glasses by Warby Parker offer practical benefits for eyewear. Hand-polished cellulose acetate in the frame ensures a comfortable and lightweight fit, which is ideal for prolonged use. They cater to various visual needs with options for single-vision, readers, or non-prescription lenses.

The polycarbonate lenses’ durability, added protective features and comprehensive customer care services make the Alderman glasses a considerate choice for individuals searching for quality eyewear.

Alderman Glasses Features & Benefits

Hand-polished cellulose acetate frameEnsures a comfortable, lightweight fit
Softly square lenses with sloping browlineOffers a flattering shape without sharp angles
Polycarbonate lensesProvides impact resistance for durability
Anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatingsEnhances visual clarity and extends lens life
100% UV ray protectionSafeguards eyes from harmful solar radiation
Free shipping, returns/exchanges, and scratched lens replacementOffers convenience and peace of mind with every purchase


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