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Warby Parker Crane Glasses

Warby Parker Crane Glasses: Product Spotlight

Warby Parker Crane Glasses: Starting at $95 with prescription lenses

The Warby Parker Crane Glasses are designed for those who prefer eyewear with a distinct angular profile, offering a slim, rectangular shape that stands out.

The frames come slightly oversized, adding to their memorable silhouette. These glasses are crafted from hand-polished cellulose acetate, ensuring durability and a premium feel.

Accompanied by a frame case and lens cloth, this product is well-equipped for safety and maintenance. The Crane Glasses feature polycarbonate lenses known for their impact resistance and anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings. Additionally, these lenses block 100% of UV rays, providing essential eye protection.

Warby Parker offers these glasses with various lens options, including single-vision prescriptions, readers, or non-prescription lenses.

Customers benefit from free shipping, returns, or exchanges within 30 days and a free scratched lens replacement for prescription lenses within six months.

The Crane Glasses provide practical eye protection and a stylish touch to any look. Their robust construction and thoughtful features, such as UV protection and impact-resistant lenses, cater to fashion and functional needs.

The convenience of Warby Parker’s services, including free shipping and returns, enhances the overall purchasing experience.

Crane Glasses Features & Benefits

Hand-polished cellulose acetateDurable, premium feel
Polycarbonate lensesImpact-resistant, protects eyes
Anti-reflective, scratch-resistant coatingsEnhances vision, maintains lens integrity
Blocks 100% UV raysProtects against harmful UV exposure
Free shipping and returnsConvenient, risk-free purchase
Prescription lens replacementAssurance of quality and service

Customer Reviews

Customers have praised the Warby Parker Crane Glasses for their fast service, high-quality frames, and exceptional cases. Many noted the ease of the purchasing process, from the home try-on to the speedy delivery of well-packaged, damage-free glasses. The frames are highlighted for their comfort, fit, and stylish design, turning many buyers into loyal Warby Parker fans.

The comprehensive service, including in-store adjustments and thorough eye exams, has been appreciated for its professionalism and convenience.

However, some customers experienced issues, such as receiving a pair with the wrong prescription or warped frames upon arrival. Despite these setbacks, the feedback about their eyewear remains positive, with many emphasizing the in-store experience and product quality.

Warby Parker’s commitment to customer satisfaction through its exchange and return policies is also well-regarded. This ensures that even when problems arise, solutions are readily available.


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