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ROKA Barton 2.0 Frames feature modern design, durable materials, and advanced technology, ensuring comfort and performance for various activities.

ROKA Barton 2.0 Frames: Product Spotlight

ROKA Barton 2.0 Frames: $245

The ROKA Barton 2.0 Frames offer a modern square frame design, blending classic aesthetics with advanced technology. These frames are created to be versatile and durable, suitable for activities ranging from trail running and mountain biking to relaxing by the water.

They’re designed based on anthropometric data and global headform standards, ensuring a comfortable and performance-oriented fit in various conditions.

The frame is made from injection-molded TR 90 nylon, known for its durability, lightweight, and flexibility. It maintains dimensional stability in different temperatures and is resistant to chemicals and sweat. The Barton 2.0 features GEKO™ Comfort and Retention Technology, which includes patented GEKO™ Pads on the temples and nose.

These pads are made from a proprietary ROKA blend thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), offering enhanced shock absorption, traction, and hydrophilic properties that increase grip when exposed to sweat or water.

Lenses on the Barton 2.0 are equipped with premium coatings, including scratch resistance, anti-fog, hydrophobic/oleophobic treatments, and anti-reflective properties, improving durability, visibility, and ease of cleaning.

An optional blue light-blocking coating mitigates the effects of HEV blue light from screens. Lens materials vary, including polycarbonate, Trivex, and high-index lenses, catering to different preferences for optical clarity, weight, impact resistance, and prescription strength.

The ROKA Barton 2.0 Frames are designed to enhance your experience in various activities, offering comfort, performance, and style. Their construction and features cater to multiple conditions, making them a solid choice for those who value functionality and aesthetics in eyewear for men.

Barton Frames Features & Benefits

Injection-molded TR 90 nylonDurable, lightweight, flexible, resistant to chemicals and sweat
GEKO™ Comfort and RetentionEnhanced grip, shock absorption, and comfort
Premium lens coatingsImproved durability, visibility, and ease of cleaning
Optional blue light blockingReduces HEV blue light exposure
Variety of lens materialsOptions for optical clarity, weight, and impact resistance

Frame Measurement

How to measure ROKA eyewear frames


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