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American Eyewear Brand
Brand Profile

ROKA was founded in Austin, Texas, emerged from a challenge between two friends to participate in an Ironman triathlon. This venture created a brand that now stands as a beacon of innovation in performance eyewear and athletic gear. Fueled by dissatisfaction with existing wetsuit designs, the company embarked on a mission to craft a superior product, eventually expanding its repertoire to include eyewear, among other items. ROKA’s story is a testament to the belief that there is always a market for better products, a principle that has guided its journey from a garage project to a leading name in performance design.

The brand’s dedication to excellence is evident in its partnership with top athletes and engagement in rigorous product testing under extreme conditions. This approach ensures the delivery of high-quality gear and fosters a deep connection with its community, built on a shared commitment to unlocking potential. ROKA’s product lineup, distinguished by innovations such as the GEKO™ fit system and ARMS-UP™ technology for wetsuits, demonstrates a relentless pursuit of performance optimization.

As ROKA continues to push the boundaries of performance design, it remains anchored in its origins, with a significant portion of its manufacturing process based in Austin. This commitment to local production and direct-to-consumer sales allows ROKA to maintain high quality and customer service standards, reinforcing its position as a trusted partner in the athletic and active lifestyle communities​​​​.


American Eyewear Brand




Austin, TX, USA

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