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Warby Parker Winston Frames

Warby Parker Winston Frames: Product Spotlight

Warby Parker Winston Frames: Starting at $95 with Prescription Lenses

The Warby Parker Winston frames feature vintage and modern styles characterized by their straight browline and squared angles. This design is accentuated with the brand’s signature Graduated Rivets, reminiscent of 1960s fashion yet suitable for today’s trendsetters.

Key features include:

  • Signature Graduated Rivets for a distinct look
  • Options for single-vision prescriptions, readers, or non-prescription lenses
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • Anti-reflective and scratch-resistant lens coatings
  • Frames made from hand-polished cellulose acetate

The Warby Parker Winston frames offer more than a stylish look; they complement athleisure attire. The inclusion of polycarbonate lenses ensures durability and impact resistance, making them a smart choice for everyday wear.

Additionally, the anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings enhance the visual clarity and longevity of the frames. They are made from hand-polished cellulose acetate and comfortably fit without compromising durability or style.

Winston Frames Features & Benefits

Signature Graduated RivetsAdds a unique, vintage-inspired aesthetic to modern styling.
Options for various lens typesAccommodates a wide range of vision needs with style.
Impact-resistant polycarbonate lensesEnsures durability and safety for everyday wear.
Anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatingsEnhances visual clarity and extends the life of your lenses.
Hand-polished cellulose acetate framesOffers a premium look and feel with lasting comfort.

Customer Reviews

Customers rave about the Warby Parker Winston frames, often highlighting their beautiful colors, sturdiness, and lightweight design. The seamless experience from customer service to receiving perfectly fitted and prescription-accurate glasses has turned many first-time customers into loyal fans.

Many have also shared their positive experiences of transitioning to progressive lenses with the Winston frames, praising the helpful and pleasant in-store support. The frames have become favorites for their style, comfort, and ability to stay put without sliding down the nose. First-time buyers are particularly impressed, from the virtual try-on to the final purchase.

Despite the overwhelming positivity, a minor critique comes from a repeat buyer who noted that the lenses can get scratched over time, prompting them to purchase a second pair. This feedback underscores the importance of lens care but doesn’t detract from the overall high satisfaction with Warby Parker’s eyewear and the buying experience.


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