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Meta: Who Owns Vuori?

Who Owns Vuori? His Name is Joe Kudla

Joe Kudla is the founder and CEO of Vuori Clothing, which specializes in performance apparel and was established by Kudla in 2015. While it has grown significantly and may have attracted outside investors, the company’s core ownership remains with its founder. 

Video Interview with Vuori CEO Joe Kudla

Who could predict that turning down accounting for Milan runway modeling would ignite the genesis of a breakout men’s activewear brand? But for Vuori Clothing CEO Joe Kudla, those early days in fashion shaped his knack for crafting resonant stories around the styles we live in.

In this discussion with Brian Elliott from the Behind the Brand podcast, Kudla traces his entrepreneurial evolution from photo shoots to headquarters, where his San Diego roots still influence Vuori’s craft. 

Inspired by the ease and motion of Encinitas living, Kudla launched Vuori to bottle that SoCal essence into versatile threads that are as sleek as they are comfortable.

Early on, Vuori aimed to outfit yoga devotees but soon discovered its products’ broader appeal. Men slipped on the brand’s stretchy shorts and shirts for hiking, traveling, and even lounging the weekend away. Vuori leaned into that versatility, using customer feedback to focus its technical fabrics and fit into an active lifestyle roster.

Marketing followed suit. Once heavily digital with early Facebook ads, Vuori diversified across platforms as its audience expanded. Mailers brought the tactile experience to homes, while unexpected television spots boosted national awareness. For Kudla, meeting customers wherever they are now anchors brand growth strategies.

Defying trends, Vuori also continues opening new brick-and-mortar stores as community hubs. Kudla doubles down on physical retail to foster customer camaraderie and fine-tune the IRL brand experience. His motivation is simple – inspire happiness by getting his gear into more hands, not just homes.

Looking inward shapes the path ahead, too. Kudla still kickstarts each day with reflection before rallying his team. He believes taking purposeful pauses for meditation or nature fuels the clarity leaders need to drive direction. The brand also applies that mindfulness to fabric innovation, releasing new outerwear and crossover gear to dominate from trail to town.

At Vuori, perfecting fabric and evolving culture move in lockstep. By listening inwardly and outwardly, Joe Kudla nurtures a mindful outlook that manifests in lifestyle and clothing, which are equally geared to thrive. The scrappy accounting major turned modeling pro turned CEO simply sticks to his strengths—keeping comfort fresh and perspective present across all he creates.

Are you a fan of Vuori yet? I am. My bank account and wife can confirm.


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