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Exploring Hologenix’s Innovative Celliant Technology

Exploring Hologenix’s Innovative Celliant Technology

Celliant is a groundbreaking synthetic textile technology developed by material scientists at Hologenix. Celliant fabric contains a patented mix of thermo-reactive minerals that recycle body heat into infrared energy, resulting in proven health benefits.

The bio-responsive minerals bond to polyester fibers during extrusion, ensuring even distribution throughout fabric weaves without impacting the hand feel. This intrinsic integration allows clothing and bedding to incorporate Celliant to offer targeted advantages.

How It Works

The mineral compounds in Celliant feature electromagnetic properties, allowing them to capture and re-emit the infrared wavelengths naturally emitted by body heat. This recycled energy resonates at targeted frequencies that have been scientifically shown to stimulate increased local blood flow.

By improving circulation and oxygenation, Celliant fabric creates an advanced microclimate to enhance performance, expedite recovery, and regulate temperature. Studies validate an average of 7% oxygenation uplift plus additional energy, comfort, and sleep quality gains.


How Celliant Works

             Celliant Recovery     

Applications and Partners

Initially launched in performance apparel, Celliant proved its capability to amplify athletic output during activity while accelerating muscle repair afterward. This provided an early foothold in compression gear and other training staples.

The technology extends into bedsheets, pillow covers, and mattress toppers after clinical trials revealed benefits for sleep quality and muscle recovery during rest. Most recently, Celliant announced integration into Unifi’s Repreve recycled polyester – expanding access to more eco-conscious products.

Expanding Possibilities

As an FDA-determined medical product with over 65 patents, expanding awareness of Celliant’s premium advantages provides growing partnership potential across categories.

The latest advancement allows Celliant’s proprietary mineral mix to be applied as a printed coating while upholding patented composition ratios. This breakthrough enables application onto finished fabrics without weaving integration restrictions – opening new product development opportunities.


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