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Is Tailor Vintage a Good Brand?

Is Tailor Vintage a Good Brand? Read On & You Decide

It depends. How do you define a good brand?

Tailor Vintage has established a reputation for quality, authenticity, and well-researched colors. The brand’s focus on coastal New England style brings luxury and casual elegance to its collections.

To be honest, Tailor Vintage is not really my style, although I do like several pieces. I also know several colleagues who rave about the brand daily.

The summaries below represent verbatim customer reviews on the Tailor Vintage website, Reddit, and 3rd party reviews.

Quality and Comfort

Customer reviews often highlight the comfort and durability of Tailor Vintage’s collections. For instance, several customers say that their pants held up well in the humid climates and wanted to own them in every color.

Other customers praise shirts and vests for comfort, though they noted the need to size up for a better fit on the slim-fitting shirt. These reviews underline the brand’s commitment to crafting comfortable and long-lasting clothing.

Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability is clearly a core value of Tailor Vintage.

The brand engineers quality clothing with a strong emphasis on restoring the planet. This commitment is evident in its use of advanced technologies like AIROTEC® and Puretec Cool™, which offer high-performing, sustainable alternatives to standard fabrics.

Also, their collaboration with leading LEED factories and use of Bluesign-approved chemical finishes on performance apparel demonstrates its dedication to environmentally friendly practices.

Customer Satisfaction & Longevity

Tailor Vintage’s return policy reflects their confidence in the quality and craftsmanship of their products. Customers can return unworn and undamaged items if they are unsatisfied. The brand maintains a solid reputation despite having been in business for 30 years and receiving four complaints on the Better Business Bureau profile in the last three years.

While mixed reviews exist, overall positive feedback on quality and fit suggests that Tailor Vintage is trustworthy. Many customers rave about Tailor Vintage Pants as comfortable, stylish, and affordable.

The Verdict: Is Tailor Vintage a Good Brand?

Overall, Tailor Vintage offers a compelling mix of comfort, durability, and sustainability. Their coastal New England aesthetic and focus on quality make them a brand worth considering for menswear enthusiasts.

However, the slim fit may not suit everyone, so checking sizing is advisable. Tailor Vintage’s longevity, positive customer reviews, and strong commitment to sustainability underscore its status as a reputable brand.

Our Top Picks: Tailor Vintage Pants

Tailor Vintage Stretch Knit Jeans
Tailor Vintage Stretch Knit Jeans
Tailor Vintage Puretec Cool® Stretch Linen Cotton Chino Pant
Tailor Vintage Puretec Cool® Stretch Linen Cotton Chino Pant
Tailor Vintage Airotec® Slim Fit Chino Pants
Tailor Vintage Airotec® Slim Fit Chino Pants

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