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Tailor Vintage

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Tailor Vintage, founded in 1993, is a Connecticut-based men’s clothing brand known for its sustainable and innovative performance wear. The founder and CEO, Richard Rosenthal, established the company focusing on quality and authenticity. Tailor Vintage’s headquarters is at 9 Admiral Lane, Norwalk, CT.

The brand emphasizes luxury and casual elegance, drawing inspiration from the coastal New England lifestyle. It started with a focus on classic menswear fabrics, such as Madras patchwork and seersucker, evolving to include plush knits, quality pants, and functional swimwear. Tailor Vintage’s collections, including their Airotec® performance line, are designed to offer comfort and style for various occasions, from work to weekend adventures​.

Tailor Vintage is committed to sustainability, holding climate-neutral certifications and participating in initiatives like Trees for the Future. The company’s design philosophy prioritizes functionality and longevity, ensuring that each piece serves a practical purpose while maintaining a timeless aesthetic​.

The brand’s clothing is available through various retailers, including Costco, Walmart, and Nordstrom Rack. Despite its dedication to quality and sustainability, the company has faced some customer service challenges, as indicated by several complaints regarding shipping delays and communication issues​.






Norwalk, CT, USA

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