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WOLACO was founded to solve a practical nuisance familiar to active city dwellers – the inconvenience of carrying essential items like phones, wallets, and keys while on the run. A Manhattan resident, Terry White, experienced this frustration first-hand during his regular jogs, sparking the idea for athletic apparel designed expressly around storage and functionality.

This tangible pain point drove White and co-founders Nick Dio and Erin Falter to spend years innovating, testing, and refining their signature product – compression shorts with integrated pockets sized perfectly for securing everyday carry items. Guiding the process was sheer determination to create something new that enabled an active lifestyle.

The culminating result of this persistence was the North Moore Short, WOLACO’s flagship product that neatly resolved an everyday irritation. Its successful 2016 Kickstarter campaign, exceeding the fundraising goal by 400%, validated the solid product-market fit. More broadly, it spoke to the brand’s focus on community-driven creation.

This connection to real user needs is central to WOLACO’s outlook. White, Dio, and Falter built a collaborative, creatively-charged environment where work and life intermingle. They believe this fuels efficiency, innovation, and their holistic brand vision. At its heart, Wolaco is about embracing fitness as part of living well.

The team translates this priority into gender-inclusive designs far beyond stereotypical athletic branding. They see immense untapped potential in catering to all active individuals equally, not just hardcore gym enthusiasts. This outlook makes WOLACO unique despite increasing athleisure competition.

By responding directly to user feedback and priorities, WOLACO ensures outstanding function for everyone, integrating wellness into daily life. The brand’s phenomenal rise demonstrates that its practical, community-focused take on activewear delivers what people seek. Ultimately, Wolaco sells more than apparel – it shares a motivating spirit to help people pursue their best lives.






New York, NY, USA

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