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Threads 4 Thought

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Threads 4 Thought is a sustainable apparel company founded in 2006 by high school sweethearts Eric and Leigh Fleet. As college seniors, the couple launched a graphic t-shirt line highlighting social and environmental causes close to their hearts. Those first shirts set the tone for the brand’s future – created from sustainable fabrics with conscientious messaging.

From humble origins, Threads 4 Thought has since grown into a full lifestyle collection for men and women. The Founds have expanded beyond graphic tees to include versatile, ethical basics you can wear anywhere. Their pesticide-free fabrics uphold certifications for quality and sustainability from seed to final product.

Central to the brand’s mission is a commitment to responsible manufacturing and materials. The Founds actively seek out factories with the highest labor and environmental standards, transforming would-be waste into durable fabrics designed for comfort. As pioneers in sustainable fashion, Threads 4 Thought acknowledges the long road ahead to full carbon neutrality. Yet through renewable energy investments and sustainable supply chains, they remain dedicated to restoring fashion’s connection to nature.

In just over 15 years, the scrappy ideals of two college students have flourished into a global leader in ethical style. Threads 4 Thought merges stylish, everyday comfort with a call to action – where our clothes can reflect the change we seek. From pesticide-free crops to renewable factories, the brand embeds conscience into every stitch while expanding its casual, sustainable favorites collection. The journey of Eric and Leigh Fleet stands as an inspiration to build an ethical business without sacrificing personality or products people love to wear.






New York, USA

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