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State and Liberty

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

The inception of State and Liberty Clothing Company stems from a familiar frustration for men blessed with athletic builds – the endless quest for a well-fitting dress shirt. Emerging from the vibrant University of Michigan community, founders Steven Fisher and Lee Moffie bonded over their V-shaped frames that left off-the-rack shirts strained across the shoulders or ballooning at the waist.

As former hockey pro, Lee Moffie explains, their eureka moment arose from envisioning dress shirts with the flexible functionality of athletic wear. Blending Fisher’s business savvy with Moffie’s experiences navigating ill-fitting gear, State and Liberty was born in 2015 to translate athletic cuts for formal attire.

Central to the brand’s offering is its athletic fit dress shirt, the flagship solution born when traditional slim and relaxed fits failed to flatter. Extensive prototyping on athletes allowed for a tailored product that carved out a room through the chest while nipping in at the waist for a polished silhouette. Signature technical fabrics wick away moisture and retain a crisp appearance all day without dry cleaning, blending durability with practicality.

In just over 8 years, State and Liberty’s problem-solving approach has fueled the expansion from dress shirts into complete look essentials like polos and overcoats. Even occasions as momentous as weddings now benefit from the considered athletic cuts. Currently counting 22 nationwide stores and recent Canadian debuts, the steady growth remains committed to understanding and addressing fit frustrations.

Community responsibility also features through ongoing philanthropy partnerships. Efforts like fundraising treks for ALS research or sponsoring organizations such as Autism Speaks reflect a broader dedication to positive impact.

At its core, State and Liberty embodies innovation tailored specifically for athletic individuals. Their ever-evolving catalog solves sartorial frustrations through expertly crafted fits and technical fabrics, a balancing act between after-hours ease and boardroom polish.






Ann Arbor, MI, USA

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