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Reigning Champ

Canadian Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Canadian clothing label Reigning Champ has carved a prominent niche blending luxury and performance since launching in 2007 under founder Craig Atkinson. His decade-plus experience importing vintage Americana to Japan and distributing North American brands honed an appreciation for detail and quality manufacturing. That ethos now fuels Reigning Champ’s focus on premium craftsmanship and minimalist design rooted in sports culture.

The Vancouver-based company offers a tightly curated range of staples like t-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, joggers, and caps rendered in distinctive fabrics from heavyweight fleece to cotton to merino wool. Despite the understated aesthetic, well-made functionality and versatility drive enduring appeal. Reigning Champ is now sold globally through 130-plus leading retailers and department stores.

Guiding operations is Atkinson’s vision to make the finest athletic apparel worldwide sans compromise simply. That commitment to excellence through precision details has attracted collaborations with Adidas, the NBA, Asics, and more. It has also enabled scaling from niche independents at founding to international wholesale partnerships. A significant indicator arrived via a 2021 strategic acquisition from Canadian retailer Aritzia, valuing Reigning Champ at $63 million.

Reigning Champ progresses through a dedication to timeless quality and an understanding of the market. Atkinson transferred firsthand knowledge of Japanese manufacturing into a brand identity melding sports culture with premium textiles and careful construction. By recognizing the market opportunity in balancing heritage and innovation for modern men’s closets, Reigning Champ continues staking out territory, fusing luxury with everyday wear.






Vancouver, BC, Canada

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