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PATH Projects

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

PATH Projects has impacted the men’s running apparel sector through its direct sales strategy and emphasis on durable, functional attire. Scott Bailey launched the brand driven by his challenges in finding running shorts without issues like irritation, inferior materials, and poor storage. His vision for PATH Projects was to offer runners better clothing choices.

The brand is known for its forward-thinking design approach and use of high-grade materials. PATH Projects applies a single price increase by selling directly to consumers, making it possible to afford superior materials without overcharging customers. This strategy has allowed sophisticated fabrics such as Toray from Japan, celebrated for its light, durable, and water-repellent stretch fabrics, and Tencel blends, known for their comfort, fast-drying features, and natural odor resistance.

A key aspect of PATH Projects’ gear is the shorts and separate base liner system, crafted for increased comfort and efficiency. This setup offers adjustable support and keeps moisture away, ensuring the liner fits closely to prevent irritation, while the shorts provide freedom of movement, adjusting to the user’s actions. The option to select different liners for varying climates highlights the brand’s commitment to personalization and performance enhancement.

PATH Projects stands out for its simple yet effective design, avoiding conspicuous logos and extra elements, reflecting a broader move towards fashionable yet practical running wear. Its dedication to excellence, utility, and consumer value distinguishes it from rivals, cultivating a devoted following. Bailey’s enthusiasm for running and his focus on meeting runners’ real needs shine through every facet of PATH Projects, from its design philosophy to its choice of materials.






Huntington Beach, CA, USA

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