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One Golden Thread

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

In 2016, Jeff Scult embarked on a world tour sharing his spoken word prose, “HUMANIFESTO,” which explores themes of self-love, self-expression, and finding inner peace. After tying thousands of golden threads on people’s wrists across 11 countries—symbolic of our connection to nature and our deepest selves—Scult returned home with a calling. At 51, he launched the One Golden Thread clothing brand to create fashion that aligns values with life philosophy.

Having left the corporate world behind, Scult set out to counter the synthetic, mass-produced norms of fast fashion. He envisioned premium fabrics blended from soft, durable, renewable materials that feel soothing against the skin. After extensive development, One Golden Thread launched its signature Fashioned by Nature fabric: a supple blend of European Beech Tree fibers and premium long-staple cotton from ethical California growers. The result is an impossibly soft, relaxed-fit tee for all body types.

Spun from nature and threaded by hand in Downtown L.A., One Golden Thread’s pieces balance an elegantly oversized silhouette with ethical production methods. Each garment integrates a signature golden thread, directly weaving symbols of self-love and environmentalism into the design. The brand rapidly attracted men and women to high-quality, unique streetwear that makes a regenerative statement.

But Scult envisioned even more from One Golden Thread. He forged a partnership with One Tree Planted, committing that for every online purchase, the brand funds the planting of a tree. Over 16,000 trees have already grown from this program. This cements One Golden Thread as a leader in regenerative business models—where fashion brands use profits to enrich communities and revitalize ecosystems.

In just seven years, Jeff Scult has molded his journey of self-discovery into a mission of global change. One Golden Thread fashions streetwear and philosophy as one, empowering customers to align purchases with personal growth and environmentalism. The brand aims far beyond fair trade and toward a regeneration model through premium fabrics and nonprofit partnerships. In an industry ripe for disruption, One Golden Thread ties core human values with everyday fashion so we can dress as naturally as we feel.






Venice, CA, USA

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