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Portuguese Footwear Brand
Brand Profile Footwear is a forward-thinking brand deeply rooted in sustainability and innovation. The brand distinguishes itself by incorporating eco-friendly materials such as Apple Skin, derived from apple waste, and recycled tennis balls, offering a fresh take on sustainable fashion. Originating from southern Italy and Portugal, these innovative materials redefine the construction of Footwear, emphasizing environmental stewardship.

With a commitment to reducing the environmental footprint, utilizes organic cotton, bamboo fabric, and natural rubber, sourced from Turkey, Indonesia, and Brazil, respectively, to craft sneakers that are comfortable and kind to the planet. Their packaging strategy further highlights this commitment, employing Kraft cardboard for its high resistance and sustainable properties.

Designed and produced in Portugal, stands out for its dedication to creating timeless products that challenge the fast-fashion industry. The company works closely with suppliers who share a commitment to quality and environmental conservation, ensuring that every pair of shoes meets high standards of design and comfort and contributes positively to the planet.’s approach is a testament to their belief in making a difference through sustainable practices, setting an example for the footwear industry.






Porto, Portugal

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