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Mix No. 6

American Footwear Brand
Brand Profile

Mix No. 6 Shoes is a dynamic addition to the fashion scene, courtesy of its parent company, Designer Brands Inc. This brand aligns with other high-profile names such as Crown Vintage, Hush Puppies, and Vince Camuto, highlighting its prominence in men’s fashion.

They offer several footwear options, such as athletic shoes, boots, clogs, sandals, slippers, and sneakers. Launched in December 2009 by DSW Shoe Warehouse, Inc., the brand quickly found its footing in the market, providing various products through physical and online retail channels.

Available at DSW Inc., department stores, and various online platforms, Mix No. 6 has made its mark by being easily accessible to a broad audience. The brand enjoys a significant presence on social media, with influencers and fashion bloggers regularly showcasing their offerings. This digital engagement offers fans a window into the latest trends, releases, and styling tips associated with Mix No. 6, keeping the dialogue between the brand and its customers vibrant and ongoing.






Columbus, OH, USA

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