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Mika Jaymes

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Founded in California, Mika Jaymes stands out with its focus on handcrafted, durable garments. The brand’s story stems from Los Angeles, where master tailors with over 40 years of expertise meticulously sew each piece. This exceptional craftsmanship reflects Mika Jaymes’ commitment to quality clothing that lasts.

Led by founder Roddy Javahery, Mika Jaymes aims to redefine essentials for men’s wardrobes, especially T-shirts. Javahery drew on his extensive fashion industry experience with renowned brands to launch his clothing line centered on effortless style. The name encapsulates classic and contemporary elegance inspired by his stylish grandparents.

What is notable about Mika Jaymes is its made-to-order business model, which promotes sustainability by only producing items upon order. This approach minimizes waste while allowing customization. It resonates with the eco-conscious consumer seeking personalization.

Regarding design aesthetics, classic Hollywood and modern architecture inform Mika Jayme’s pieces’ versatile yet enduring look. Offerings span wardrobe basics like soft MicroModal and cotton-linen blend tees to silhouettes with a luxurious edge, including deep V-neck and wide-neck shirts. The goal is sophisticated, comfortable clothing beyond passing trends.

With options for men, women, and children spanning tees, hoodies, joggers, and more, Mika Jaymes delivers exceptional quality and sustainability, redefining modern essentials. Its commitments stand out in today’s apparel landscape.






Los Angeles, CA, USA

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