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Linksoul Clothing, established in 2005 by John Ashworth and his nephew Geoff Cunningham in Oceanside, California, marks Ashworth’s return to the golf apparel industry following his pioneering work with the Ashworth golf apparel brand founded in 1987. After departing from Ashworth in 2008, John Ashworth sought to create a new brand that combined the essence of golf with the laidback spirit of California living. The name “Linksoul” reflects this ethos, merging the golf term “links” (courses along the coast) with “soul,” highlighting the spiritual and communal aspects of the game.

In its initial years, Linksoul concentrated on crafting premium men’s apparel such as polos, tee shirts, shorts, and accessories. These designs uniquely blended golf performance attributes with a relaxed Southern California style. The brand also embraced a cultural fusion of music and art, hosting concerts and art exhibits at their Oceanside headquarters and collaborating with celebrities like Bill Murray to elevate their cultural resonance.

Today, Linksoul extends its presence beyond its Oceanside retail store, selling through premium golf shops and boutiques worldwide. The brand continues to navigate the intersection of golf, surf, and lifestyle fashion, offering versatile designs that epitomize coastal living. Beyond its commercial pursuits, Linksoul is committed to community engagement, notably through initiatives like refurbishing a local public golf course, reinforcing its connection to the sport and the local community.






Oceanside, CA, USA

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