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Kit and Ace

Canadian Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

In 2014, Kit and Ace Clothing emerged from Vancouver by fusing luxury with practicality through machine-washable cashmere, pioneering modern apparel with innovative minds and quality craftsmanship. Rapid expansion ensued across the US, UK, and Australia, though the brand soon focused on e-commerce and the Canadian market.

2018 marked a turning point under new CEO George Tsogas, redefining Kit and Ace’s ethos around enduring, optimism-amplifying garments. Today, their product line boasts business, athletic, and casual wear with sustainable fabrics like Micro Pique, Recycled Ponte, and Merino Wool, balancing accessibility with premium quality across global availability. Hallmarks of the brand remain meticulously constructed and accurately sized for optimal durability – each piece a lasting, functional, and fashionable addition.

Undergirding versatile contemporary aesthetics is a philosophy blending comfort with adaptability, making Kit and Ace equally suitable for professional and casual settings. The brand has consistently championed excellence and eco-responsibility by navigating the complex fashion world with a clear vision and adaptable roadmap. At the intersection of style, quality, and practicality, Kit and Ace remain a distinguished name in modern menswear.






Vancouver, BC, Canada

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