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Jack Archer

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Jack Archer, founded in 2018 by Miguel Facussé, emerged as a men’s apparel brand focusing on designing pants that fit well and retain their shape. The brand marked its entry into the market with its signature Jetsetter Pants, made using proprietary fabrics to ensure comfort and style.

The brand experienced a remarkable start, generating $1.2 million in sales through pre-orders within the first two months of its launch in 2018. This immediate success indicated a strong market demand for their product. In 2022, Jack Archer underwent a significant change when OpenStore acquired it. This acquisition proved to be a catalyst for growth, with the company’s revenue increasing from $1 million to $10 million post-acquisition.

Alongside its rapid financial success, Jack Archer continued to broaden its product range. New additions included the Anytime Tee and an expanded color range for the Jetsetter Pants, further diversifying their offerings. The brand’s rapid success can be attributed to its focus on versatile and comfortable men’s apparel. The acquisition by OpenStore contributed to substantial revenue growth and enabled Jack Archer to maintain its unique brand identity while expanding its product line.






Chicago, IL, US

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