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Greatness Wins

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Launched in June 2022, Greatness Wins is an athletic apparel brand focused on quality and performance. Its founders include renowned athletes like Derek Jeter, Misty Copeland, and e-commerce entrepreneur Chris Riccobono.

Seeing a gap in the market’s emphasis on fashion over function, Greatness Wins makes high-performance gear to meet all athletes’ needs. The brand scrutinizes details from thread counts to seaming, using premium technical fabrics engineered for durability. Sustainability also factors prominently through supply chain and manufacturing decisions.

Greatness Wins curates products that are purpose-built for specific sports and activities. The rand aims to help athletes strive for excellence by simplifying choices while meeting exacting standards. Its overarching vision centers on inspiring greatness through athletic wear designed with precision and care.

With its athlete-led ethos and commitment to quality craftsmanship, Greatness Wins seeks to redefine athletic apparel. Its thoughtful approach considers hardcore training and sustainability, ultimately striving to elevate performance. This polished yet practical brand promises to make its mark as a leader in the market.






Madison, NJ, USA

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