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Brand Profile

Feat Clothing began in 2015 when co-founders Taylor Offer and Parker Burr brought their simple yet visionary idea to life: crafting comfortable, visually-appealing attire for daily use. The brand’s journey traces back to Offer’s college days printing sock designs and selling them to classmates, sparking a small business that would grow into a full-fledged clothing company.

What sets Feat Clothing apart is its patented BlanketBlend® fabric, uniquely engineered to prioritize both comfort and style with its soft, plush exterior and smooth interior. This innovation exemplifies Feat’s commitment to sensory sensitivity and ease in garments. Their approach revolves around creating rejuvenating clothes that can lift one’s mood. This central focus stems from the founders’ experiences with fabrics and sensitivity.

Beyond their signature BlanketBlend®, Feat also utilizes materials like BlanketBlend Move, BreezyBlend, and TreeCell Plush, catering to different comfort needs and aesthetics. Their extensive product line features men’s and women’s athleticwear, including hoodies, joggers, tees, tanks, and more, suited to an eclectic customer base.

Strategic collaborations have also been integral to Feat’s brand strategy, partnering with Brody Jenner and Helen Owen on unique limited-edition collections, diversifying offerings, and expanding their audience.

As Feat Clothing continues expanding, they set their sights on leading the athleisure space, aiming to reach the level of renowned brands like Lululemon. Staying devoted to engineering the most comfortable clothing remains their driving mission, resonating widely with consumers seeking style and ease in everyday wear.






Inglewood, CA, USA

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