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American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

DSTLD began in 2014 as 20Jeans, selling men’s denim for just $20 by creators Corey Epstein (Gap Inc. alum) and Mark Lynn (luxury hospitality background)—the direct-to-consumer brand reimagined premium denim’s price point by cutting out retailer markups.

Rebranded as DSTLD (or “distilled”) in 2016, the company widened its offerings beyond 20Jeans’ singular focus while retaining its sustainable ethos. The expanded DSTLD label echoes radical transparency, ethical production, and customer-centric growth themes.

DSTLD’s expanded leadership now includes talent from renowned brands like Gap, Adidas, Calvin Klein, and more. The team retains its founders’ focus on sustainability and innovation.

The brand made waves by raising over $7.8 million from 4,600 investors via Regulation A crowdfunding. This community-driven funding fueled expanding product lines, retail presence, and long-term vision.

DSTLD’s flagship denim for men and women retains premium construction at $75-$95. The label moves beyond denim into everyday staples like shirts, pants, dresses, and more – extending its distilled take on affordable luxury essentials.

The brand maintains sustainable practices like eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing methods. This environmentally-conscious production matches DSTLD’s transparent brand image and focuses on quality over quantity.

While refreshed branding and expanded products evolved 20Jeans into DSTLD, the desire to make premium essentials responsibly accessible remains at its core. The team continues nurturing the community-powered growth that enables their forward-focused goals.






Los Angeles, CA, USA

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