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Joey Rodolfo, founder of Buki Clothing, leverages his rich background in sportswear design from brands like Unionbay and Tommy Bahama to create a unique men’s apparel company. His passion for innovative fabrics compelled him to launch Buki and transform everyday clothes with groundbreaking material technology.

Central to the Buki philosophy is Rodolfo’s proprietary Kinoki-3.0 fabric, engineered to stretch dynamically, resist pilling, wick moisture, and regulate temperature – all while remaining machine-washable. This enables Buki to produce apparel that blends luxury with functionality.

Based in rugged Seattle, Buki draws design inspiration from Rodolfo’s appreciation of the Pacific Northwest outdoors and Japanese fabric innovations. This fusion powers Buki’s high-performance sportswear essentials for the modern wardrobe.

The brand also heavily incorporates customer feedback into its development process. Reactions from Buki’s Seattle incubator store directly impact product design and merchandising strategy. This attention to evolving consumer preferences ensures the clothing stays relevant.

Additionally, Buki partners with factories to develop sustainable technical fabrics, aligning with its vision to combine innovative Japanese fibers into travel-friendly, seasonless apparel.

Buki Clothing merges technical innovation, customer-centric practices, and responsible production. With sights set on global expansion, the company leverages Rodolfo’s dedication and distinct vision to redefine comfort and versatility for modern men’s fashion.






Seattle, WA, USA

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