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When Gareth Newman founded Blakely Clothing in 2012, he aimed to make sustainable fashion accessible to the masses. What began as an e-commerce store shipping from Newman’s Norfolk warehouse has blossomed into a beloved brand making waves across Europe.

At the core of Blakely lies the conviction that personal style and eco-conscious choices need not be exclusive. Their expansive menswear and womenswear collections channel timeless silhouettes into wardrobe staples designed to last years, not seasons. The jeans, coats, activewear, and more for both men and women emphasize versatility over fleeting trends.

This balance of affordability and durability resonates with Blakely’s growing community. As the brand expanded operations from the UK to a new Belgian distribution center, its team grew right alongside. They now ambitiously strive to become the best possible version of a fashion company – one grounded in integrity, simplicity, and authenticity.

For Newman, building an accessible label known for its classics over fads was a response to an industry increasingly divorced from the realities of most people’s lives. He sought to create a line prepared for wherever life takes its wearers – pieces imbued with quiet confidence and adaptability.

It’s this emphasis on progression and reliability that makes Blakely stand out. In an age of fast fashion that values speed over sustainability, Newman chose to take the road less traveled. And based on Blakely’s swelling fanbase, his bet appears to be paying off.

Though Newman maintains sole control over the company, in many ways, the brand’s identity now rests just as much in the hands of its loyal following. Gareth Newman hasn’t just launched a company by refusing to compromise between affordability, style, and ethics – he’s sparked a movement redefining what it means to dress sustainably.






Norfolk, UK

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