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Black Ember

American Bag Company
Brand Profile

Black Ember, founded in 2014 in San Francisco, has emerged as a prominent name in the technical backpack market, known for its innovative features and design excellence. The brand prides itself on being the first to collaborate with CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics, particularly in developing the CORDURA® 420 Velocity re/corTM RN66, one of the first 100% recycled nylon textiles. This emphasis on sustainable, durable materials is a cornerstone of their product philosophy, as evidenced by their lifetime warranty on packs.

The company has also made significant strides in material technology and design. Co-founder Chris Gadway has been instrumental in developing heavy-duty polyester fabrics coated with polyurethane for their Citadel Minimal backpack, showcasing their commitment to rugged, waterproof products. Their products incorporate premium materials such as T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, Maglock magnetic hardware, and YKK zippers, further underscoring their focus on quality and innovative design.

Expanding internationally, Black Ember has seen rapid growth, especially in the Japanese market, where they have launched 12 retail outlets for their Kompak line. This expansion is part of their broader strategy to incorporate the Cordura re/cor RN66 fabric across their product lines, including the premium duffels Shadow and Forge.

Black Ember stands out in a crowded backpack market for its constant innovation in sustainable designs and premium technical materials. By collaborating with industry leaders like CORDURA on cutting-edge fabrics, Black Ember backpacks deliver rugged durability without sacrificing responsible production values. Their growth into international markets reflects the universal demands from modern professionals and travelers for bags as intelligently designed and sustainably crafted as Black Ember’s lineup.

This San Francisco brand continually pushes the envelope on functionality while upholding production ethics, setting the new standard for technical packs built to endure.






San Francisco, CA, USA

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