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Veja Campo Review: What's the Verdict of these Sustainable Sneakers?

Veja Campo Review: What’s the Verdict of These Sustainable Sneakers?

Lee from Stray Reviews provides a solid review of the new Veja Campo sneakers.

To summarize, Lee believes these shoes stand out for their commitment to social and economic justice through the production process, similar to Veja’s previous V10 model.

Lee appreciates the Veja Campo for its stylish, minimalist design and comfort. Unlike the V10s, which required some breaking in, the Campo offers a better fit right away, especially when ordering a size up, as Lee suggests.

He finds the insole thick, bouncy, and removable – all adding to the exceptional comfort. The leather upper also makes the Campo easier to clean and maintain than the canvas V10 model. While still considered pricey, Lee feels the $150 cost can be partly attributed to the satisfaction of supporting the brand’s eco-friendly practices.

In his concluding thoughts, Lee states that the Veja Campo is a well-crafted, comfortable, and stylish sneaker that closely aligns with eco-conscious values.

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