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BYLT Shirts

BYLT Shirts: Breaking Down These Dope Shirts for Men

Introducing … BYLT Basics. 👕 If you don’t know them, now you do.

At its core, BYLT Basics represents a commitment to elevating men’s stature. The brand interweaves threads of innovation, ethics, and value throughout its supply chain—from responsible textile partners and fair labor factories to the stitched seams in each finished shirt.

BYLT stands apart by truly knowing its customers and their needs. Its meticulous design, based on thousands of fit scans and fabric tests, caters to men who prioritize versatility, performance, and style.

By handling production in-house, BYLT passes significant savings to the end consumer while instituting sustainable practices that reduce environmental impacts.

Trust me. I have 80% of BYLT’s clothing line.

If you have 8 minutes to spare, check this video by Life Made Easy with DeVory. He breaks down the fabric and fit of the BYLT shirt collection.

BYLT Basics Mission

The clothing company’s goal is to change how consumers view clothing essentials by offering Premium Basics that are both higher quality and affordable priced.

The brand’s refined eCommerce presence articulates its attention to detail through beautiful product photography and a seamless shopping experience. But behind the sleek interface, BYLT operates on radical transparency, giving customers unprecedented visibility into its supply chain through impact reports and other resources.

This comprehensive approach – ethical factories, premium natural fabrics, athletic tailoring, accessible price points, and environmental stewardship – manifests across BYLT’s offerings, from its signature cotton-modal tee to the merino-soft LUX woven button-down. 

Ultimately, though, BYLT sells more than the final product. In a market saturated by trends, BYLT weaves together textiles and ideals to deliver a carefully crafted experience that resonates with conscientious customers.

Why BYLT Stands Out

BYLT stands apart thanks to its unique approach and core values in an industry filled with trends and fast fashion. The company balances quality and ethics without inflating costs by controlling production through vertical integration and selling directly to consumers.

Two pillars in particular – its manufacturing model facilitating budget pricing and its dedication to sustainability – make BYLT a label worth noting.

BYLT Shirts features

BYLT’s Unique Brand Mission

BYLT represents a new breed of menswear brands prioritizing transparency and fair pricing through a consolidated supply chain. Instead of licensing its name to outside factories, BYLT owns its production from start to finish. The brand’s headquarters in Irvine handles design and development, while its affiliated factories in China manufacture using company-vetted protocols.

Eliminating middlemen distributors and retail markups found in traditional supply chains, BYLT passes significant savings directly to customers. Most pieces on its site ring up around $20-30, an impressive price point for garments made from premium natural fibers and blends.

BYLT also improves visibility and gives customers peace of mind by providing supply chain details online. The company openly shares worker safety standards, sourcing commitments, and environmental impact reports rather than hiding behind legal jargon and vague CSR statements. This inside look and affordable price positioning uphold BYLT’s goal to make quality clothing accessible to all budgets.

Emphasis on Sustainability

In addition to price, BYLT further differentiates itself from fast fashion brands by taking a stand for responsible production methods. At its vertically integrated factories, the company institutes strict policies around safe working conditions, chemical processing, and waste management.

BYLT maintains long-term partnerships with suppliers using organic cotton, eco-friendly modal, hemp, and Tencel. By sourcing high-quality, sustainable fabrics, BYLT ensures its staples hold up wash after wash rather than end up in landfills after a few wears.

Processing facilities must also adhere to BYLT’s RSL (Restricted Substances List), which bans toxic chemicals. Water recycling systems reduce usage by over 50% compared to conventional textile mills. And all orders ship in recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable packaging.

Through a holistic approach covering ethics, raw materials, and manufacturing methods, BYLT interweaves sustainability into its entire operation. Choosing renewable fibers, safe processing, and recyclable packaging reduces the brand’s environmental impact while setting standards for responsible production chains company-wide.

The BYLT Basics Range

With prices up to 50% below traditional retail, BYLT makes building a versatile wardrobe affordable. The label’s core range covers all the essentials – from shirts and tees perfect for layering to bottoms and underwear must-haves. Clean lines and timeless color palettes define the BYLT aesthetic across categories, while high standards ensure premium quality.

Exploring the Product Line

The everyday basics collection features wardrobe MVPs like crews, v-necks, polos, oxfords, henleys, and graphic tees made extra soft thanks to natural fiber blends.

Chino shorts and joggers come with stretch for all-day comfort, while boxer briefs promote healthy circulation and breathability below the belt. BYLT even offers loungewear like joggers, hoodies, and shorts for relaxing at home.

Minimalists can build a versatile capsule wardrobe by mixing and matching BYLT’s shirts, tees, bottoms, and undergarments. While individual pieces effortlessly pair together, the affordable prices make collecting a rainbow of colors possible without breaking the bank.

Key Features of BYLT Shirts

Across all categories, BYLT maintains impeccable standards regarding materials and construction. For its shirt collection, standout details like ultrasoft natural fabrics, resilient stitches, and athletic cuts cater to discerning yet cost-conscious shoppers.

BYLT’s premium shirt blends combine natural fibers like organic cotton, micro modal, and spandex for unbeatable comfort, temperature regulation, stretch recovery, and durability. The custom fabric treatments retain their buttery hand feel and vivid colors even after repeat washes.

Reinforced seams and tailored fits based on 10,000+ body scans ensure the ideal fit, whether layering under blazers or wearing solo. Signature details like drop-cut hems and contrast side paneling update classic shirt styles with a modern edge.

Ranging from just $20-35, BYLT shirts rival premium names in materials and construction at a fraction of the cost. Discover why these value-driven garments earn rave reviews from customers and publications alike.

Material Matters

BYLT stands apart from other budget brands by using premium natural performance fabrics normally found in high-end attire. Strategic blending improves durability and comfort with performance features like stretch recovery, breathability, and moisture wicking.

Composition and Benefits

While many affordable basics rely on polyester and budget cotton prone to warping, BYLT innovates with natural fiber blends for unbeatable quality. Signature fabrics exclusive to BYLT feature organic cotton, modal, or linen injected with spandex and Tencel.

Organic cotton makes up the base for many shirts, providing supreme softness straight from the source. Farmed without pesticides and GMOs, organic cotton protects both wearers and the environment. Modal from beech trees adds cooling airflow that is perfect for warm weather while offsetting resource-intensive cotton growth.

Wood pulp-based Tencel wicks moisture better for temperature and odor regulation than cotton alone. Combined with anti-microbial properties, Tencel keeps garments fresher and longer. Spandex interwoven through fabrics allows four-way stretch and shape retention, ideal for athletic builds.

Blending the best natural fibers optimizes BYLT shirts for next-level comfort and performance. Attention to detail extends to premium buttons made from coconut composite rather than cheap plastic.

Durability and Comfort

Choosing top-tier natural fabrics directly translates into exceptional durability and comfort. BYLT’s custom cotton-modal blends feel amazingly soft straight from the first wear. Four-way stretch retains the perfect fit from 9 to 5, while quick-drying Tencel keeps shirts crisp after gym breaks.

The exclusive fabric treatments also undergo stringent testing for pilling, shrinkage, and wash fade resistance. BYLT guarantees all shirts maintain vivid colors and a supple hand feel for years of everyday use. Combining ethical sourcing with functionality, BYLT shirts set the standard for premium basics made to move.

Exploring the BYLT Shirts Collection

BYLT offers a range of high-quality, affordable men’s shirts that combine premium materials and thoughtful design details. The collection includes classic and updated basics like crews, tees, oxfords, and henleys constructed from custom fabric blends—signatures like the Drop-Cut hem and multi-button collars balance tailored fit with a casual drape.

By focusing on everyday versatility, comfort, and ethical production, BYLT establishes itself as a leader in menswear, period.

Drop-Cut: BYLT Signature

The Drop-Cut shirt features BYLT’s proprietary Signature Blend, combining Pima cotton, micro modal, and spandex for an exceptionally soft everyday tee with four-way stretch. The custom fabric achieves a casual drape alongside vivid, fade-resistant hues.

With machine washable care and a modern curved hem, this $21 tee enhances comfort with breathability. BYLT’s Signature tee fits any wardrobe thanks to its ability to layer smoothly under blazers or shine solo.

  • Price: $21 (30% off from $30)
  • Description: Everyday wear shirt with BYLT Signature Blend fabric.
  • Features: Ultra-soft comfort, loose-knit casual drape, wrinkle-free, non-shrink, 4-way ultra-stretch, richer color saturation, improved breathability, athletic fit, drop-cut hemline.
  • Fabric: 67% Polyester, 28% Cotton, 5% Spandex.

Drop-Cut: LUX

This LUX shirt achieves exceptional smoothness by trading modal for merino-like TENCEL Lyocell derived from renewable wood pulp. The fabric wicks moisture better than cotton, while four-way stretch retains shape wear after wear.

Nipped for an athletic cut, the curved hem modernizes the closet staple. As a linen shirt alternative starting at $24.50, the LUX Drop-Cut levels up everyday style with premium quality and value.

  • Price: $24.50 (30% off from $35)
  • Description: Premium style and functionality with durable “LUX Blend” fabric.
  • Features: Athletic fit, drop-cut hemline, tight-knit, cool touch.
  • Fabric: 70% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 5% Spandex.

Axis Tee

Innovating basics runs through BYLT’s veins. The Axis Tee showcases a clean, versatile style made modern through premium LUX fabric with a newly seamed side panel and deeper side split hem. Minimally branded for an understated edge, this $24.50 tee expands your rotation of go-to colors with its mark as a core collection staple.

  • Price: $24.50 (30% off from $35)
  • Description: Modern statement-style tee, innovative take on Drop-Cut and Split Hem designs.
  • Features: Seamed side panel, deeper side split-hem, minimally branded logo.

Striped Drop-Cut: LUX

This innovative striped iteration of the beloved Drop-Cut: LUX levels up traditional style with standout patterns perfect for any occasion. The wrinkle-resistant fabric with an athletic cut ensures exceptional comfort from AM meetings through late nights out. At over 30% off typical retailers, the Striped Drop-Cut: LUX makes it easy to refresh your wardrobe.

  • Price: $20.80 (35% off from $32)
  • Description: Drop-Cut: LUX Shirt with an innovative striped pattern.
  • Features: Wrinkle-resistant, breathable, durable, athletic fit.

Henley Drop-Cut: LUX

Marrying Henley styling with the signature Drop-Cut hem, this LUX shirt masters comfort and edge. The eco-cotton blend achieves breathability and stretch while details like the rounded 3-button collar and crisp neck band sharpen the fit. Perfect solo or layered, the Henley LUX manages boardrooms and happy hours with equal finesse.

  • Price: $28 (30% off from $40)
  • Description: Drop-cut design with a Henley style.
  • Features: Athletic fit, 3-button collar, crisp, rounded crew neck.
  • Fabric & Care: 70% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 5% Spandex. Machine wash cold.

Henley Drop-Cut: BYLT Signature

This Signature Blend shirt is $24.50 and features the same Henley-inspired 3-button collar and modern drop-cut hem as its LUX counterpart. The cotton, modal, and spandex blend achieves supreme softness and breathability, perfect for all-day wear. Lean into laidback refinement with BYLT’s signature fabrics and fits.

  • Price: $24.50
  • Description: Similar to Henley Drop-Cut: LUX, with BYLT Signature Blend.
  • Features: Athletic fit, 3-button collar, drop-cut hemline.
  • Fabric & Care: 67% Polyester, 28% Cotton, 5% Spandex. Machine wash cold.

Recapping BYLT Shirts

BYLT has disrupted the menswear essentials market in just a few short years by challenging what defines quality basics. Through an integrated supply chain, BYLT oversees design and production to deliver premium wardrobe staples rivaling high-end names at up to 50% lower prices.

Vertical ownership of the manufacturing process enables the brand to institute ethical working environments and sustainable textiles usually reserved for luxury lines. Organic cotton, renewable Tencel, recycled poly blends, and water/energy efficient factories raise the bar across the entire operation.

Yet the proof lies in the final products – garments featuring performance fabric innovations tailored with impeccable attention to detail. BYLT’s everyday tees, henleys, crews, button-downs, and more master fit, form, and function. Four-way stretch, moisture wicking, wrinkle resistance, and fade-proof color vibrancy equip each piece to become a longtime wardrobe MVP, regardless of budget.


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