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Drop-Cut Lux Polo by BYLT

BYLT Drop-Cut Lux Polo: Product Spotlight

Drop-Cut: LUX Polo – $45

The LUX Polo by BYLT features a 3-button collar and athletic BYLT fit and is made from the LUX Blend™ Fabric. This polo is designed with a unique drop-cut hemline, enhancing its style and versatility.

The cool-touch technology, combined with the iconic drop-cut hemline, ensures a comfortable fit and a polished look throughout the day.

Drop-Cut Lux Polo Features

CategoriesFeaturesBenefitsUse Cases
Design and StyleRounded drop-cut hem, elongated backContemporary edge, versatile styleShorts, khakis, casual and formal occasions
Material and ComfortLUX Blend of cotton, polyester, spandexSoft, breathable, moisture controlActive days, warm weather
Fit and SizingAthletic fit, flexibleComfort for athletic builds, ease of motionLounging, on the go
Performance and DurabilityWrinkle-free, reinforced stitchingRetains shape, durableWorkouts, work trips, weekends
FunctionalityVersatile colorways, sweat-resistantStylish and practical for various settingsEveryday wear, versatile occasions

Customer Reviews

Customers are delighted with the Drop-Cut: LUX Polo, highlighting its comfort, versatile styling, and high-quality construction. The polo’s length is praised for complementing different body types, with the cut around the chest and arms receiving particular commendation for enhancing the wearer’s physique.

Its ability to transition effortlessly from professional environments to leisure activities is a valued feature, making it a staple for daily wear. Customers appreciate the comparison to more expensive brands, noting the polo’s ability to maintain its structure and appearance, whether tucked or untucked.

Feedback emphasizes the polo’s suitability for a range of body shapes. It offers a tailored yet comfortable fit that is professional yet ready for casual wear. The quality of the fabric is noted for enduring through washes and adapting well to different seasons, although some find it a bit warm on the hottest days.


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