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When siblings Chloe and Taylor Chamberlain launched Balance Athletica out of a garage in 2019, they brought more than an entrepreneurial spirit to the activewear space – they got a mission. Having struggled to find workout gear that fit and empower their bodies, the founders set out to create stylish, functional activewear for all shapes and sizes.

Within three short years, the company exploded to over $36 million in sales. Spurred by the demand for inclusive, body-positive apparel, Balance Athletica swiftly outgrew its DIY roots. After a trademark dispute, the rebranded company was reborn as Vitality Clothing in 2022.
Vitality represents more than a name change for the Chamberlain family and Taylor’s husband, Steve Dilk. It demonstrates their refusal to compromise on quality or their core value: empowering customers to find balance through self-love. This guiding principle is woven into the fabric of Vitality’s collections, which span sizes XXS to 4XL.

In 2023, Vitality committed to responsible practices a step further with their Cloud II fabric line. Crafted from recycled materials to reduce environmental impact, Cloud II reflects the brand’s investment in matching ethics with style.

Recognized in Forbes 2022 “30 Under 30”, the founders have built far more than a business. They’ve spearheaded a culture shift towards empowerment and inclusivity that respects the diversity of all bodies. Staying true to their Midwestern roots and Purdue education, the Vitality team continues putting people first with apparel designed to inspire confidence that runs more profound than the surface.

Three years in, these homegrown entrepreneurs have only just begun transforming activewear into wear that actively transforms its wearers. By uniting communities and leading with their values, Vitality proves today’s fastest-growing brands have heart behind them.






Edgewater, CO, USA

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