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Brand Profile

Twillory was established in 2014 and emerged from the collaboration of Eli Blumstein, Harry Cedarbaum, and Ricardo Goldschmidt. This brand stands out for its innovative approach to menswear, combining a rich heritage with a forward-thinking vision.

Both founders have deep roots in the garment industry. Ricardo’s connection to his family’s four-generation textile business, Byblos, set out to redefine performance menswear with high-quality, comfortable, and practical clothing options. They introduced a line that includes performance shirts, pants, and athleisure, all characterized by their commitment to better fabrics, fits, and fair pricing.

Twillory’s SafeCotton, for example, marks a significant innovation in the industry. It offers non-iron shirts free from formaldehyde, ensuring durability and addressing health concerns associated with traditional non-iron treatments. The brand’s approach to creating versatile, functional garments reflects a dedication to meeting the modern man’s needs without compromising style or comfort.






New York, NY, USA

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