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Threadbare Clothing, founded under the umbrella of A.M. London Fashion Ltd, has established itself as a prominent name in the fashion industry, particularly in men’s clothing and athleisure. The brand began with its founder’s vision of offering contemporary menswear that combines premium quality with affordability. This approach has allowed Threadbare to cater to the modern man’s needs, from professional settings to casual family outings and relaxed holiday attire, ensuring style without compromising on fabric quality or timeless design.

Over the years, Threadbare has expanded its product line to include a diverse range of clothing for men, women, and children, making fashion accessible to every family member. The brand’s evolution saw the introduction of boyswear in 2017 under Threadboys, aiming to inspire confidence in young boys through stylish yet comfortable pieces. This expansion was followed by the launch of Girlswear in 2020, offering wardrobe essentials that empower young girls to explore and express their style confidently.

In 2021, Threadbare broadened its horizon by introducing womenswear and Threadpaw, a unique line of dog fashion, emphasizing the brand’s family-centric ethos. The launch of womenswear marked a significant milestone, making stylish and flattering pieces available for every woman and cementing Threadbare’s position as a versatile fashion brand catering to the entire family’s needs.

Threadbare’s commitment to creating purposeful products that last is evident in its wide-ranging offerings, from elevated everyday essentials to specific lines tailored for different family members and even pets. The brand’s focus on affordability and quality has made it a go-to choice for consumers seeking investment pieces that offer style and durability.

With the consolidation of all departments under the Threadbare name in January 2023, the brand launched a ‘New State of Mind’ campaign, introducing a new logo and website to enhance customer experience. This initiative reflects Threadbare’s ongoing effort to maintain a family essence while ensuring continuity and inclusivity across its product lines.

Threadbare Clothing’s vision of “fashion for every family” embodies its commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and building a community that resonates with its brand values. By offering a wide range of clothing that caters to different styles, preferences, and ages, Threadbare continues to foster a family-first approach, making fashion accessible and enjoyable for everyone​​​​​​​​.






Manchester, UK

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