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Thousand Fell

American Shoe Brand
Brand Profile

Launched in 2018, New York startup Thousand Fell is a frontrunner in sustainable footwear, crafting recyclable shoes that fuse sleek design with an eco-conscious mission. Born from founders Chloe Songer and Stuart Ahlum’s belief that fashion’s consumption and waste were environmentally flawed, Thousand Fell aims for stylish yet responsibly-made products. Meticulously manufactured in an acclaimed Brazilian shoemaking factory, their shoes boast quality and comfort, praised by reviewers for durability and lasting wear.

The versatile range includes minimalist lace-ups, courts, and slip-ons in bio-leather and recycled materials like yoga mat insoles. Thousand Fell distinguishes itself through closed-loop practices – customers can recycle old shoes for new purchase credits. Their innovative use of coconut husks and sugar cane represents the brand’s dedication to sustainable materials.

As pioneers of circular fashion, Thousand Fell plans for customers to trace a shoe’s entire lifecycle, driving transparency around recycled kicks. Thousand Fell reflects savvy innovation for modern shoe lovers by aligning ethics with conscious design and quality construction.






New York, NY, USA

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