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Ten Thousand

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Ten Thousand Clothing, established in 2015 by Keith Nowak and Eugenio Labadie in New York City, was founded to address the gap in the market for simple yet functional workout gear. The brand’s name, “Ten Thousand,” is a nod to the 10,000 hours of practice theory, symbolizing their commitment to creating high-performance training apparel.

Ten Thousand Clothing initially sold its products direct-to-consumer through its e-commerce site, starting with just a pair of shorts and a shirt. The brand quickly resonated with athletes and fitness enthusiasts, garnering a dedicated following due to its straightforward, functional design ethos. This early success led to expanding their product line, adding more workout essentials like hoodies, joggers, and various accessories.

By 2023, Ten Thousand had made significant strides in its growth trajectory, raising $21.5 million in funding to support expansion plans. These plans included diversifying their product range, forging retail partnerships, and enhancing their marketing efforts. The company’s workforce had grown to over 50 employees, boasting a global shipping reach to over 50 countries. Despite this rapid growth, Ten Thousand has remained true to its core values of quality, simplicity, and versatility.

Ten Thousand Clothing has evolved from a small, direct-to-consumer men’s workout brand into a globally recognized athletic apparel company. Throughout its expansion, the brand has consistently upheld its original minimalist and functional ethos, catering to the needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide.







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