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Swet Tailor

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

When Adam Bolden and David Christian Kranz founded Swet Tailor in 2015, it stemmed from their shared beef with the whack, restrictive selection at most men’s clothing shops. While walking through the narrow aisles, it was clear that the fashion industry only catered to a particular body type. If you didn’t fit that mold, you were out of luck.

As CEO, Bolden peeped mad dudes were being underserved – the big and tall squad just trying to step out in style. So Swet Tailor flipped the script on exclusivity; for them, it meant making sure NO guy felt shut out. Their mission? Crazy, simple, but game-changing: craft threads to defy labels and expectations. Clothing any dude could rock with confidence and comfort, period.

Their first move was dreaming up the All-In Pants – a 5-pocket pair merging the sleekness of designer denim with the oh-so-sweet stretch and softness of athletic gear. Customers instantly vibed with the versatility. For Swet Tailor, it proved they were dead serious about shaking things up.

Moving forward, only the prime materials make the cut – think soft cotton blends, natural fibers, and spandex retaining structure while breathing easy. And the detail-focused designs showcase attention to how real guys get down day-to-day. We’re talking reinforced pockets and belt loops holding up through active back-to-back wear.

The Swet Tailor brand focuses on modern fit, feel, and functionality for men’s casual wear, expanding the possibilities of contemporary menswear.






Culver City, CA, USA

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