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Raffi Online

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

When considering luxury fashion, familiar names like Gucci, Prada, and Burberry often come to mind. However, another storied name deserves attention – Raffi Online. Established in 1988 by the “king of cashmere,” Raffi Shaya himself, this family-run brand has steadily built a reputation centered on positivity, quality craftsmanship, and bringing joy to its clients.

Unlike some luxury brands that sometimes feel detached or pretentious, Raffi Shaya infuses its collections with a certain optimism and fresh perspective each season. The company’s offerings have expanded over the years while retaining a focus on innovation – especially when developing new cashmere blends, which have become something of a Raffi trademark.

Beyond the materials, the brand also stands out through its consistently strong color stories and emphasis on wearable yet contemporary silhouettes. As the third-generation family team of Kareen, Limor, and Shirley Shaya now helms the company, they’ve managed to honor their father’s legacy while also evolving Raffi’s aesthetic and range.

Today, one can find everything from smart button-downs for the office to relaxed-fit polos and crews perfect for weekends. There’s an admirable commitment to both timelessness and reflecting current tastes.

Ultimately, Raffi Shaya Clothing succeeds by melding comfort, luxury, and what Shirley Shaya has described as “positivity perfected” into pieces meant to make wearers look and feel their best. With conscientious details tailored to the modern gent, they’ve developed a niche over 30+ years in business.

Rather than chasing fads, Raffi endures thanks to the craftsmanship, innovation, and joy found in each garment. These are vital ingredients every man would welcome into his wardrobe.






Newburyport, Mass, USA

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