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Radmor Golf

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Radmor Golf emerged in 2020 as an improbable sustainable innovator within the golf apparel mainstream. Co-founders Scott Morrison and Bob Conrad leveraged their University of Washington golf team bonds and Morrison’s extensive fashion pedigree to rethink high-end performance wear production from the ground up.

By founding paradigm-shifting denim brands like Earnest Sewn and 3×1 NYC, Morrison understood the environmental toll of conventional manufacturing. With Radmor, the pair vowed to prove premium athletic fabrics need not depend on virgin polyesters and toxin-laden dyes. They shifted the supply chain toward renewal from extraction by sourcing regenerative, biodegradable, and recycled materials.

The brand’s devotion to enacting sustainability down to the minutiae became their calling card. The packaging utilizes recycled cardboard; marketing collateral like tags and ball markers pulls double-duty post-purchase. This holistic outlook governs materials and omni-channel distribution, reaching elite retailers like Nordstrom and bespoke golf shops alike. Consumers value this commitment alongside durable, natural fabrics.

By blending high-grade Peruvian Pima cotton with performance-enhancing spandex, Radmor perfected a soft, flexible, chemical-free, athletically and aesthetically appealing base. The pair then amplified wearability and versatility by infusing street style inspiration suiting the cafe as readily as the back nine. Ultimately, Radmor sells a lifestyle seamlessly integrated with ethics and quality craftsmanship.

The brand’s soaring early reception validates this fusion. As sustainability cements itself as a critical consumer preference, Radmor’s credible combination of substance and style makes them a leading example other emerging labels seek to emulate. They prove performance, responsibility, and novelty sync perfectly when purpose drives the process. In a category clamoring for differentiation, the power of shared ideals wins again.






Seattle, WA, USA

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