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Proper Cloth

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Since coming onto the scene from a modest New York apartment in 2008, Proper Cloth has captivated the men’s fashion world with its trailblazing vision for custom-crafted clothing delivered directly to your door. Guided by founder Seph Skerritt’s firsthand exposure to a bespoke shirtmaking internship during a fateful stint in China, the brand pioneered an online model pairing precise personalization with delicate fabrics and impeccable construction.

Proper Cloth’s ascendance from its humble origins reflects how technology and human artistry can expand access to clothing cut precisely for your body. The brand has even integrated body scanning and other innovations to take fit personalization further than ever before. Yet quality craftsmanship remains the bedrock, evident in handmade touches and meticulous details that make each garment uniquely yours.

Beyond fit, Proper Cloth empowers clients to detail their ideal shirts, suits, and accessories to align with their sensibilities. Whether preferences run towards bold colors and textures or more understated palettes, there are customization options to match. This versatility, blending classic and contemporary aesthetics for casual and formal occasions, provides today’s man a versatile arsenal to navigate life’s varied dress codes confidently.

Now inhabiting a sleek Soho showroom as its thriving direct-to-consumer company passes new milestones, Proper Cloth has been globally recognized for moving custom clothing into the digital age. However, relentless innovation and customer focus remain central to the brand’s ethos as it continues perfecting the science and art of made-to-measure fashion. Proper Cloth’s ascent may have proven remarkable thus far, but its team would ensure the most transformative revolutions likely still lie ahead.




New York, NY, USA



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