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Pete & Pedro

American Skincare Brand
Brand Profile

Pete & Pedro emerged as grooming game-changers when founder Aaron Marino saw most products falling short behind barbershop quality. Marino earned fame dispensing frank advice as Alpha M across YouTube but remained unsatisfied by store shelves lacking the simplicity and efficacy he preached. Teaming up with stylist Stephen Postaer in 2013, the two planted Pete & Pedro intent on bringing elite haircraft into daily life through smart products and simpler routines.

They infused the brand with equal parts Marino’s digital charisma and Postaer’s analog craftsmanship. Marino steers branding reflecting their belief in teaching skill building over peddling false promises. Postaer then translates his award-winning techniques into formulations, easily delivering salon-worthy cuts. This grooming gumbo quickly converts beyond hair into skincare, shaving, and fragrances.

Annual revenue vaulting from zero to $7 million by 2020 confirmed Pete & Pedro’s resonance and validated Marino’s acumen in balancing videos with ecommerce. He keeps behind-the-scenes operations lean even as social platforms and Amazon expand their reach globally. Despite certain losses, Marino refunded 900 lost orders during a holiday shipping mishap because goodwill lasts longer than margins. This relationship-first thinking cements the brand as partners through life’s seasons.

Ultimately, Pete & Pedro enrich lives through accessibility to expertise. Marino shares hard-won best practices, so the focus stays on confidence within, not fixating on perceived flaws. Named after his father and mother’s favorite miniature donkey, Pete & Pedro carries his parents’ warmth while making excellence feel attainable. By blending offline sincerity and online convenience, Marino built a brand and an inclusive community greater than products alone.






Acworth, GA, USA

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