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Oliver Cabell

American Footwear Brand
Brand Profile

Oliver Cabell, founded by Scott Gabrielson in 2018, stands out in the men’s footwear industry for its commitment to quality, sustainable manufacturing, and transparency in pricing. Gabrielson, who embarked on this venture without prior experience in fashion, retail, or startups, was driven by a passion for balanced design and quality footwear. His journey began with a leap of faith when he left his job at a non-profit and moved to England to start Oliver Cabell.

The company relocated to the U.S. and continues to be propelled by a shared passion for innovation and challenging the status quo​.

The product line extends beyond its renowned sneakers, like the Low 1, and the unique distressed styles, such as Wallaby and Daybreak, to include flats, boots, jewelry, and clothing, ensuring a comprehensive range for its clientele. Oliver Cabell’s dedication to using high-quality, enduring materials and producing footwear that’s both comfortable and durable is central to its ethos.

With products crafted for everyday wear, they aim to make quality more accessible by selling directly to consumers, cutting out the middleman to offer fair prices without compromising on craftsmanship​​.

Before its successful launch, Gabrielson faced significant challenges, particularly in securing manufacturing commitments in Italy, known for its high-end fashion production. He spent months fostering relationships with factory owners in Fermo, overcoming barriers such as language differences and the guarded nature of these workshops.

His vision for Oliver Cabell—selling direct-to-consumer online, offering premium products at fair markups, and maintaining production in Italy—resonated with the factory owners, allowing the brand to commence production under favorable terms. This groundwork laid the foundation for a brand committed to upending traditional retail norms, driven by a desire to offer consumers ethically produced, high-quality products at transparent prices.

Remarkably, without significant funding for marketing, Oliver Cabell quickly built a substantial audience and gained public relations and word-of-mouth momentum, thanks to Gabrielson’s strategic outreach and the compelling narrative of the brand’s mission. This approach secured widespread media coverage and fostered a robust and engaged community around the brand​.






Minneapolis, MN, USA

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