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Moral Code

American Shoe Brand
Brand Profile

Founded in 2017 by footwear veterans Mark Kohlenberg and Laura Engerman, Moral Code shattered the status quo of the luxury shoe industry. United by a vision to democratize premium leather shoes, their direct-to-consumer brand redefined ethical production standards through vertical integration.

As CEO, Kohlenberg steers Moral Code with decades of expertise from renowned brands like Allen Edmonds and Florsheim. Lauded as an exceptional leader and marketer, he oversees a creative team of global artisans designing shoes that balance master craftsmanship with conscientious practices. This artist-driven approach resonates with consumers seeking stylish, well-made shoes minus the ethical compromise.

Central to the Moral Code’s appeal is its unprecedented supply chain control. Quality oversight permeates each production step as tannery owners manage their own manufacturing. The result is a collection of shoes blending durability, comfort, and modern silhouettes with the brand’s signature sleek aesthetic.

Beyond delivering accessible luxury shoes, Moral Code infuses social responsibility into its business culture. Their collaboration with football star Donald Driver on a charitable shoe collection spotlights their commitment to community engagement. Such initiatives reinforce the brand’s underlying mission to make conscientiousness fashionable.

Through vertical operation and direct selling, Moral Code reimagined the luxury shoe experience as personal, ethical, and artisanal. In the process, they’ve won loyal fans and acclaim from experts like GQ and Forbes for a bold vision of delivering premium shoes with principles included.






Milwaukee, WI, USA

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